The HPV Horizon Team


Prof. John E. Eriksson (PhD) is the Director General of Euro-BioImaging ERIC. Prof. Eriksson has made key discoveries especially related to intermediate filaments and signaling, coining the concept of intermediate filaments being able to act as signaling organizers and signal modulators. He has been one of the key persons involved in the establishment of Euro-BioImaging and has longstanding experience in a broad range of imaging technologies and infrastructures.


Since its inception in 1994, the Sistonen Lab aims at revealing the fundamental mechanisms that regulate gene expression and chromatin structure in response to intracellular and environmental signals. We have demonstrated that heat shock transcription factors (HSFs) act as integrators in cell stress, reproduction, and cancer.

Preethy Paul

Preethy Paul, Ph.D, is a Senior Researcher in the Eriksson lab.  She is a cell biologist and has extensive experience in developing natural compounds and small molecules for HPV mediated diseases. She has been working in the HPV project for almost a decade and has 3 patents related to developing of compounds/plant extracts for HPV mediated diseases.

Silvia gramolelli

Silvia is a Senior Researcher and joined the HPV Horizon team in September 2021. Her main interests are on the molecular mechanisms of viral-induced oncogenesis and virus-host interactions. Besides working on the molecular mechanism of action of the Anisomelic acid and its derivatives, Silvia will also work on the pathogenesis of Epstein-Barr virus associated gastric cancer.

Senthil Rajendran

Senthil Kumar Rajendran, Ph.D is a Senior Researcher with medicinal chemistry background. He has been active in drug discovery and development research for more than 15 years and has particular expertise in small molecule synthesis, natural compound extraction process and drug binding studies.

Mikael Puustinen

PhD student in Professor Lea Sistonen’s laboratory. Graduated as a Master of Science in Biochemistry.  He has been active in cancer research related to characterization of tumor suppressors and oncogenic signaling pathways. Currently, Mikaels’s main focus is on characterizing transcriptional networks regulated by heat shock factors.

Michael Silva

Michael Santos Silva is a Portuguese biochemist who is currently doing his Ph.D in the Eriksson lab. He joined the lab in 2016, where he first worked in cell death. Nowadays, his research is focused on the degradation of the E6 and E7 viral proteins. His main interest are proteomics and ubiquitination.

Jenny Pessa

PhD student in Professor Lea Sistonen’s laboratory. She graduated as a Master of Science in Cell Biology at the top of her class in 2020. Expertise in genetic engineering and heat shock factor biology.

Navid Delshad is a Pharm.D. and PhD Candidate in the Eriksson lab with a background in research and development departments of pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, Navid has experience in testing natural compounds to find their promising therapeutic effects through clinical trials as well as investigating the molecular and genetic basis of diseases.

Tatiana Tarkhova

Tatiana Tarkhova holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedicine and is currently studying in the Drug Discovery and Development master’s program at the University of Turku. She joined the team to conduct her master’s thesis project.


Jannica roininen

Jannica Roininen is an undergraduate in Professor Lea Sistonen’s laboratory. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Cell and Molecular biosciences and is currently studying in the Cell Biology master’s program at Åbo Akademi University.