Dual-Targeting of HPV-Driven Cancers

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Our research is focused on establishing  a novel dual-targeting therapeutic strategy, that targets both the unique E6 and E7 -dependent features and the general stress protection machinery to eliminate Human papillomavirus-driven cancers. Based on our previous findings our researchers are  developing a small molecule-based combination therapy that specifically eliminates the cancer-promoting mechanisms. The main goal of the research is to find new therapeutic measures to specifically eliminate tumors caused by HPV infection.

Dual-targeting therapeutic strategy

“In our recent studies, our research team has found a completely new way to eliminate HPV-infected cells and thus prevent the development of cancers caused by HPV.”

— John Eriksson

“Our research group has found a mechanism that significantly reduces the stress tolerance of cancer cells and thus their viability, based on the cellular defense mechanisms that are responsible for regulating gene expression in stressful conditions.”

— Lea Sistonen