About the HPV Horizon Research

Downregulation of E6 and E7 oncoproteins

Our research group has identified an anti-HPV compound and synthesized several therapeutic molecules based on the compound. Our research focuses on understanding the degradation pathway of E6 and E7 in HPV positive cancer cells upon the treatment with those anti-HPV compounds.

Heat shock factors

Heat shock factors (HSFs) are stress-inducible transcription factors that drive gene expression during cellular stress and developmental processes. The activity and function of HSFs are severely altered in diseased tissues in order to promote cell survival. Therefore, our research focuses on characterizing the mechanisms by which HSFs support oncogenic expression in the diseased tissues.

Dual-Targeting of HPV-Driven Cancers: E6 & E7 Oncogenes and Proteostasis Determinants in Focus

Our research is focused on establishing  a novel dual-targeting therapeutic strategy, that targets both the unique E6 and E7 -dependent features and the general stress protection machinery to eliminate HPV-driven cancers. 


Warts are caused by HPV and our team has developed a natural medication to get rid of the warts. The research has led to the establishment of a startup that will focus on developing the product through regulatory pathway for market approval. 

You can read more about the startup at anisontherapeutics.com